our porky delights

We have come a long way from making our first sausages around Olly's kitchen table. We truly believe that using the best ingredients like outdoor bred RSPCA Assured British pork really does make all the difference. We really love our Sausages and bacon (which is why we are all a bit porky!) and we really hope you do too.

1 Proper Porker NEW.jpg

The proper porker

Made with 84% outdoor bred, RSPCA Assured British pork coarsely minced, seasoned withsage and spices. It’s a real Bristol banger - a sausage as it should be. Gluten Free.

1 Caramalised Porker NEW.jpg

The caramelised porker

Outdoor bred, RSPCA Assured British pork coarsely minced and blended with sweet, sticky caramelised red onions. Winner of a Great Taste Star and a British Sausage Week Award during 2016. Gluten Free.

Barley Malt Vinegar is an ingredient within  the caramelised red onion relish. The gluten is destroyed during the process of making barley malt vinegar but barley is still required to be treated as an allergen on the back of our packs. Due to the gluten being destroyed the product claim " gluten  free "  ( less than 20 ppm in the  finished product ) is able to be made.

Coeliac UK said this- 

'Barley malt vinegar is made using a fermentation process. This means that the amount of barley in the end product is extremely small & well below a safe level for people with coeliac disease.'


1 PorkyBlackCutOut NEW.jpg

the porky black

Is there a better partnership than Pork, Black pudding and apple? Outdoor bred, RSPCA Assured British pork coarsely minced and mixed with apple and black pudding. Gluten Free.


black treacle bacon

Dry cured and kept in a barrel of treacle for up to 5 days, this unique bacon has a distinctive dark edge which caramelises beautifully when cooked, extra thick cut with 5 slices per pack. Outdoor bred, RSPCA Assured British bacon.